Fun Things to Do Online (for Kids)

Our children are a lovely bundle of joy. One of the most critical stages of human life is the knowledge gained by a kid when growing up. Whether it’s learning or playing, kids need to be kept engaged as that is where they pick up their personalities and traits. Playing helps a child grow mentally and socially. With the growth of the internet, children can also have fun online but with parental controls in place. This is because of the available information online that may harm children. Below are engaging fun things to do online (for kids).


Kids love color painting. With the ability to draw and express their thoughts, this is a fun activity for your kids to enjoy online. A parent can learn a lot from these drawings about the kid. There are lots of free websites including Nickelodeon and Disney that have color websites. Some color sites even have accompanying themes, e.g., insects, animals, etc.

There are a variety of games for kids to play online. Leading product designers have different games be it fighting, ball games, motorsport, puzzle games, matching, musical, etc. which kids can engage in and have fun. Most of these games are of high quality and free to download. It is scientifically shown that this reasoning and problem-solving games for kids improve their cognitive abilities.


A kid can watch online videos from a designated kid’s site/app or one that a parent has downloaded for them. These videos are very informative as they combine common knowledge with graphics that capture the attention of the kids. They also qualify as educational materials for different ages. A parent can also join the kids to watch together.


Crafts tickle the imagination abilities of children. Crafts can include scribbling, drawing crafts, edible crafts, nature and educational crafts. Kids will play around with different shapes and textures. These crafts spell the instructions to be followed and help your kids gain a different set of skills. These games are free to download.


Education knowledge can be learned and perfected online. A parent can observe a specific skill that the kid is lagging behind, e.g., spelling and engage the kid in fun online spelling activities that will help improve the kid’s grammar. Kids can also learn about their environments and know the names of items and living things that surround them. Most sites have games that are free to download. They can review online or learn facts about nutritional value of baby spinach leaves or whatever. 


Some cartoons are famous and the audience targets are kids. They are structured in a way that is informative and non-offensive. In addition to cartoons, there is an increased popularity of animation movies for kids that are fun to watch. All these videos are available to view on specific sites designed for kids.


In conclusion, there are many fun activities for kids to undertake online. Parents should sample and watch these materials to ensure the content is not offensive to kids. Parents should also read other parental reviews to determine the best sites to log into. A website that even allows a parent to access even the history log data for monitoring the kid’s activities should also be encouraged.